The Ultimate Content Type MasterClass – Part 1

Part 1 of this MasterClass focuses on the foundational elements of Content Types, which are items that gather together different bits of information or “metadata” about a particular item.

Part 1 covers what a content type is, how to explain it to others, and how to set things up and use them effectively. We also cover the concept of an organizational-wide content type, which is a content type that inherits from a base content type (such as the document content type in SharePoint) and is associated with every new document library in an organization.

Using an organizational-wide content type allows for a consistent approach to information and allows for easy expansion and addition of information to all company documents in the future. We then touch on the importance of retention and how content types can be used for retention purposes.

The Ultimate Content Type MasterClass – Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed that a Content Type is a type of item (such as a policy or contract) that gathers together information about that item, called metadata. We also highlighted the advantages of creating a base organizational-wide Content Type which can be used as a foundation for creating all other Content Types. In Part 2, Iwill show how to create additional Content Types based on the organizational-wide Content Type created in Part 1.

Once you are done with the Masterclass here are some training sessions that I think will bring you value

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The Ultimate Content TypeMasterclass

Learn what a Content Type really is and how to implement them in your SharePoint environment for better inromation management.

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