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    What people are saying

    Daniel’s content is timely, mindful, and easy to follow. His style is inquisitive, hands-on, and visual. With Daniel, your growth brain will often say, ‘You learn something new every day.

    Mark Kashman

    Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

    I have been working with SharePoint since 2006 when there were no videos or help groups that users / admins could turn to! It is fantastic that Daniel creates such useful content for everyone – not just end users. His relaxed, clear to understand videos are delivered in a way that is easy to follow, concise and to the point. We can all learn something new. Daniel understands real life challenges that business face and offers solutions using 365 tools. Microsoft add new functionality to their products all the time, it is great to have someone that highlights this, so that in our busy day to day work, we do not miss something important that could be of value to us. Keep up the good work, the community needs you 🙂

    Yvonne Wright

    Consultant, SharePoint Know How

    The “Daniel Anderson M365 Experience” is always interesting, informative, and helpful. Daniel chooses Microsoft functionality that actually relates to everyday situations. The difference is that he makes information and solutions so easy to remember. There are only a handful of MVP’s with this skill and it stands out, every time!

    Sedleigh Adams

    Project Manager,

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