Automate your eSignature processes with Microsoft 365

Unlock the full potential of automating your eSignature processes with Microsoft 365 and DocuSign. By the end of this 4-module course, you’ll be able to streamline your agreement, hiring, contract and invoicing processes, automate manual tasks, and save valuable time so you can focus on people and not paperwork. Stay in the flow of work and take control of your workflow now.

What’s in it for you?

Value. There is no doubt in my mind that you have processes that require you to get a signature on a document. At the end of this course will will be able to auomate the entire process. Saving you time, getting your documents signed quicker and use SharePoint for what it is good at, Document Management.


Use SharePoint for your templates

Learn how to use SharePoint as your single source of truth for your templates and send them out for signatures.

Store your completed signed documents in SharePoint

Get your signed documents from the Docusign envelope and bring them home to SharePoint

Dynamic Document generation with Microsoft Syntex

Dynamically generate your documents using Microsoft Syntex Content Assembly and get them signed.

4 modules + a Bonus module

Module 1

Docusign, PowerAutomate + SharePoint. Learn how to store your templates in SharePoint and send them out for signature with Power Automate and Docusign

Module 2

Monitor your Docusign envelope and once completed store them in SharePoint. Learn how to monitor for completed envelopes. Once completed get the documents and store them in SharePoint.

Module 3

Once an envelope is complete send a series of Welcome emails to signaturies. Learn how to send a series of welcome on boarding emails automatically once approved.

Module 4

Using Microsoft Syntex Content Assembly + Power Automate + Docusign. Learn how to combine Syntex Content Assembley to dynamically generate a document then send for eSignature

Bonus - Microsoft Syntex Content Assembly

In this bonus module you will learn what Microsoft Syntex Content Assembly is and the benefits of being able to dynamically generate repeatable business documents. You will also learn how you can leverage data sources and use them to insert into your templates ?

What others are saying

Daniel’s content is timely, mindful, and easy to follow. His style is inquisitive, hands-on, and visual. With Daniel, your growth brain will often say, ‘You learn something new every day.

Mark Kashman

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

The “Daniel Anderson M365 Experience” is always interesting, informative, and helpful. Daniel chooses Microsoft functionality that actually relates to everyday situations. The difference is that he makes information and solutions so easy to remember. There are only a handful of MVP’s with this skill and it stands out, every time!

Sedleigh Adams

Project Manager,

I am a big fan of Daniel and his community content. His videos are easy to understand and add incredible value by breaking down large technical operations and concepts into smaller achievable steps that help users and organization maximize their investment into Microsoft 365.

Norm Young

SharePoint, Power Automate and Power BI solution architect | Microsoft MVP

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