Microsoft Teams + SharePoint

How healthy is your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint environment?

The Modern Work Collective  Microsoft Teams remediation engagement helps you get an understanding and a handle on your Microsoft Teams environment.

If you are like many you may be experiencing the following symptoms

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Sprawl

A substantial number of Microsoft Teams can result in low usage, high degree of unused or abandoned  Teams, duplication of Teams, and general end-user dissatisfaction. Sound familiar?

What about SharePoint?

If you have rolled out SharePoint previously and are now starting to see similar symptoms in your Teams deployment, then you will want to get a handle on your SharePoint sites

USD$ 1399

We are all about the outcomes and believe that should be the focus with everything that you do with Microsoft 365. What are the outcomes that you can expect from this engagement?

Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites and M365 Groups Governance Policies for creation, naming and disposition

Complete clean up of inactive Microsoft Teams. Create archival / renewal policies retrospectively

3 Workspace Templates, fully configured including Teams and SharePoint templates

A workspace directory that can be used to categorize and identify Teams for deletion or archival

Create and document a governance plan for the self-service provisioning of Teams and SharePoint Sites.

Present finding on other areas of M365 governance that can be adopted including Classification, Sensitivity, Retention, eDiscovery and Data Loss Prevention

Our 4-step process to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint success

A full Microsoft Teams Environment Report and Health Check with recommendations and proposed strategies


Kick off and pre requisite requirements provisioning and configuration, workspace and governance workshop


Data gathering, analysis of data and report generation. Create workspace templates and governance rules + retention and lifecycle rules



Prepare and document recommended strategies. Review and test templates, governance rules, retention workflows and lifecycle management.


Present overall findings, recommendations and proposed strategies to key stakeholders

Welcome Pack

This welcome pack delivers insane utility. Every licensed user will receive a token. Tokens, grant exclusive access to a content library that is fully searchable and transcribed, can be used to redeem for products, programs, services and unlocks access to additional perks, rewards and benefits. Not to mention monthy group masterminds

Exclusive access to Products, Programs and Services

Monthly group masterminds

Access to the Modern Work Collective Community

VIP access to the content library. Fully searchable and transcribed

A small engagement delivering big value and actionable outcomes

Workspace governance

Without governance your Teams, SharePoint and Groups will soon be out of control.

Actionable Guest user insights

Take control of your guests in Microsoft 365 with in depth insights that you can take action on.

Archival approval workflow

The intuitive and scalable governance guides policies building around Groups, Teams and SharePoint sites.

Provisioning Templates

Fully configured workspace templates tailored to common business scenarios.  

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Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Remediation

The Modern Work Collective Microsoft Teams remediation engagement helps you get an understanding and a handle on your Microsoft Teams environment. First step, complete the below form and we will be in touch to organise an initial consultation call.

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