SharePoint vs Microsoft Teams and OneDrive vs SharePoint

Let the battles begin! In this 2 part (+ 1 bonus) email series you will leave with a complete understanding of the relationship between SharePoint and Microsoft Teams as well as when you should use OneDrive and when you should use SharePoint. A common what to use when problem.

SharePoint vs Teams?

There continues to be so much confusion around the relationship between them. The first episode will clear things up.

When should you use OneDrive over SharePoint?

A common what to use when scenario. Learn the differences and specific use cases.

Library views based on meta data to create an amazing user experience

A common what to use when scenario. Learn the differences and specific use cases.

Where are my files at?

With different options to share and collaborate on files in chats, group chats and teams, do you actually know where your files are?

Learn how do use Major and Minor versions to your advantage

Not on by default, but this feature can improve your document management processes. Learn how.

Learn how you can automate document statuses

Set expiry dates and automatically set the status of those documents. Did I say automatically?

Gain a better understanding of the relationship between Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Many have tried to explain in the past and this is still the most common question that I get and also a confusion and pain point that I see continually spoken about online.

In this series, I want to make sure that you get the foundations fully understood. This will ensure that moving forward things will become easier to understand for you. Plus you will recieve two other value added extras.


I want to give you some time back in your day.

After you understand the relationship, let’s learn to take advantage of the features of SharePoint document libraries to help save you time, be more productive and just learn to love them.

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