Welcome and Congratulations

I say congratulations because I know the value that you are about to consume. Very soon you will be on your way to realizing the full potential of automating your eSignature processes with Microsoft 365. There are 4 modules each that build on each other but are also stand alone. By that I mean they can be taken and adapted to any scenario that you may have.

What to expect next


Your order receipt via email

The first confirmation that you will recieve is your order receipt. This will come from Modern Work Collective and will contain your order number.


A course welcome email

Look in your Inbox for an email with the title “Welcome to Microsoft 365 eSignature Course!”. You will be see a button “click here to enter”. This will take you to a page to set up your account to gain access.


A welcome from me

Watch out for an email coming from me in your Inbox. I like to introduce myself and give you a little insight to who I am, what I do and the value that I hope to bring you. The subject will read 👋 [your name].


Time back in your day

One of the things that we value the most and canot make more of is time. But what I can help with is reducing the amount of time that you are wasting with gathering signatures on documents. You can thank me later 😜

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